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Inspired, written & recorded on the road in Europe, 2012.

Recorded between England, Ireland & Scotland.

Mixed & Mastered by Lawrence Menard.

Additional engingeers: Phillip Murphy & Geoff Sharp.


released January 31, 2013


all rights reserved



Clare Quinn Los Angeles, California

Melody Artist.
Gently Musing.
Beauty Collector.


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Track Name: Travelling Shoes
Travelling Shoes

I’m going away, I’ve up and packed up all my stuff
I’m counting down the days, till that big jet plane takes off
I’ve got a one-way ticket and I’m not looking back
I’ve got jitters and itchy feet, all wrapped up in my little knapsack
I’ve got my weapon of choice, yea I’ve got my guitar
Hell you know without it, I’d not get very far

I’m running away I put my travelling shoes on
Don’t know where I will go // or how long
I will be gone, I will be gone

I’ve got a map and some gold and a friend here and there
I’ll roll down the windows, feel the wind in my hair
I’ve got some heritage and ancestry to discover
Bloodlines of my family, of me and all my brothers

I’ve got so many stories I’m gonna leave on these shores
The prospect of the following chapters has me hungry to explore
I’ve got a passion that keeps on burning and a heart that keeps on yearning
A clock that keeps on ticking and these days I keep missing
And a youth that keeps on slipping from these hands that keep on gripping
Holding on to what I believe in and I won’t stop to give in
Track Name: Remedy My Soul
Remedy My Soul

May my heart lead my feet and the rest in between
May these sails they by blown by the wind of my dreams
May messages arise to me, vivid and pure
Like the pied piper I’ll lead, the rats from the sewers
May the fire in my belly rise and grow
May I float down this river with ebb and flow
May intuition guide me, and love prevail
May I journey with peace and joy in my sails

Alive to the thrill of the wild
Let her out, roam free, inner child
Go naked in the ocean, feel the breeze caress your silken skin
Dance barefoot by a fire, growling instinct pursue desire
Let the cascading flow of a waterfall, womb you in ancient buoyancy
Howl at the moon, run wild, run free

Where ever you stand be the soul of that place
Relax and breathe, be present in the space
We are all one, we are all the same
Seeking beauty in our own ways

Im La kesh – you are I, I am you, Im La Kesh
Track Name: The Shelter
The Shelter

Three little ducks went out one day
Over the hills and far away
Mother duck said won’t you come on back
And only two little ducks came running on back
I’m the little ugly duckling I’m the one who got away
For Life would be too easy if I was to stay
I’m the little ugly duckling the one they could not find
They call me Pinocchio for all my lies

Oh come on lay me down
Rest your bones
We’ll make a home

Home is where the heart is, home is in the mind
Like the dreams in my pockets, with me all the time
Attachment’s an illusion but our bodies are tied
It’s the shelter in our mind when our souls collide

So I row, row, rowed my boat down that stream
Skipped, hopped and jumped, till I could not be seen
Somewhere over the rainbow I had a dream that there’d be fields of gold and a yellow submarine
Let’s hit the road jack and don’t you come back, like jack and jill we’ll roll down that hill
It’s a step to the left and then a jump to the right
We’ll do the hokey pokey and feel fine
Track Name: Disconnected Creature
Disconnected Creature

The more that you’re plugged into
The less that you will see
The more that you’re plugged into
It’s easier to be deceived
We spend all of our days connected to screens
Disconnected from what life really means
Do you remember when we used to charge our heads?
Now we’re busy charging these gadgets instead
When we lose power we go into shock
Cause we can’t charge these gadgets and they’re all that we’ve got

Plugged into machine you forgot how to dream
Unaware of where you’re from where you’re going
Where you’ve been
Disconnected creature no I don’t wanna greet you around here
No more

Shop shop shop till you drop
When when when will it ever stop?
What about the workers in the factories – souls sacrificed for our luxuries
Designed to fail – failed to design
You call it evolution, these are backwards times
Designed to last maybe two years tops, to keep us all racing back to the shops
Designed to fail, failed to design, you call it evolution these are backward times

Addicted to technology - it’s not in our biology
Get back to community - this is my philosophy
Addicted to technology - it’s not in our biology
Rethink our priorities – in this society
Track Name: These Letters
These Letters

I send these letters to you
I send my loving to you
I won’t see you soon
But know…
I’ll be thinking of you
I’ll be dreaming of you

It feels so good, to finally have the pen in my hand
Cause there are some things that I need to say, words to you and I know you’ll understand
There are some words I need to say
I’ve been thinking about you every day
Won’t you be here now – wont you find me on your way

Cause yours are the sweetest lips I’ve kissed
Yours Is the strongest love I’ve missed
I want you here at times like this

I’ll send a piece of me, inside an envelope
Put my faith in the postman to get it to you, all I can do is hope
Oh Maybe I could put this message in a bottle – or give it to an owl
I could Strap it to a carrier pigeon – or write it in the clouds

I’ll seal it with a hug – I’ll seal it with a kiss
Thinking of you I’ll make a little wish
With the letter in my hand I’ll walk down the road
Found a little mail box – hidden by roses

Now the post is flying through the sky
I’m here waiting for your reply
Or maybe it’s floating on the sea
Finding it’s way to me
Track Name: Your Rosy Face
Your Rosy Face

The days are growing shorter
The mist is rolling in
That cool breeze caresses my skin
Smoke from puffing chimneys is drifting on by
Piles of wood are stacked up so high
I see amber, purple, red, orange and gold
This palette of hues, pleases me untold
The fog sets in, heavy in the sky
The leaves start falling from trees that sigh
The cattle are early comin’ home
The soup’s cooking on the stove

Autumn’s comin’, there’s a chill in the air
Leaves start fallin’, the trees are stripped bear
Cold hands warm heart, you’re sat by the fire place
Flames aglow on your rosy face

Your rosy face

Purple heather’s blooming
Those cold, long winter days are looming
September came around fast
Now it’s time to pull on gloves and scarves
So goodbye to those long summer days
Where the sun was always setting so late
So goodbye to the swallows heading south
Chasing the sunshine, they’re Africa bound

Buckle down for winter, prey for Spring
Hoping again to hear once more, the swallows that sing
It’s time for mulled wine and sharing songs by the fireside
It’s time for some good home cooking, sharing tales in the candlelight

Buckle down for winter, go on and find your woolen socks and your coat
Blanket me with fabric and raiment, won’t you blanket me with hope
Wrap me in your loving arms, drown me with tenderness
Warm me with affection, as we lay to rest, yea we lay to rest
Track Name: At This Altitude
At this Altitude

Adoring exploring and creativity
Expressing and connecting through song and simile
Trusting and believing, we’re cherishing life
Growing and forgiving, expanding my mind

Believing and discovering, accepting what is
Being present in the moment, I’ll live and let live
Appreciating, celebrating, savouring the day
Scheming and dreaming and remembering to play

I’m a human being not a human doing,
Yea I like to take it slow
Spontaneity is the key
So I’ll learn to go with the flow
I don’t run but I dance
I don’t walk but I prance
I don’t talk but I rant
I don’t make any plans or shake any hands

Feeling past present future all blending as one
Watching life fall into place and stitches come undone
Trying to plan three steps ahead, I’m not living in the now
Yea I’m stuck down memory lane, I’m wondering how
How fast it goes and time rolls on
Before we know it, we’ll all be dead and gone

I don’t jump through your hoops, going back to my roots
Not gonna stand and salute, or subscribe to your views
I don’t fit the mold or dig doing what I’m told
I’ll shout because I’m bold and I’ll die when I’m old

Not trying to find but create myself
I’ll make the most of the cards that I’ve been dealt
At this altitude I’m flying with no attitude just gratitude
I’ll gravitate towards the tunes
Track Name: Love Me Like I've Not Felt Before
I wanna be with you in a forest, all on our own
We’ll find a clearing, you’ll chop wood, we’ll build home
We won’t have much, but we’ll have what we need
A humble little life, is what we will lead

We’ll have a record player, an upright piano
Accordions and guitars
We’ll create melodies and symphonies and sing them to the stars
I’ll know you like the lines on my palms, and you’ll be reading my mind

I’ll always come back to you, whenever I’m set free
As long as you’ll be there my dear, waiting just for me

We’ll make a garden full of dreams and hopes and the seeds we will sew
We’ll harvest plums, make homemade jam from a love that has grown
We’ll reap what we sew and we’ll eat what we reap
I’ll keep you fed and watered, then soundly we will sleep

We’ll make a child, she’ll have your eyes, your smile and my hair
Tenderly we’ll show her love, protect her from the world out there
She’ll be singing before she walks, we’ll make a funky honky tonk band
We’ll buy a bus and wander like gypsies all around these lands

I’ll always come back to you, whenever I’m set free
As long as you’re there waiting for me, where ever you will be

So for now I’ll see you off on the last train home
I’m dizzy from your potion standing on the platform, it’s time for you to roam
You hold me in your arms, I miss you already, wishing for a bit more time
Take some loving on the road in your pocket from me, you’re my sweet sunshine

Love me in the morning, love me in the night
Love me any way that feels so right
Kiss me now and kiss me then, save some for later we’ll be kissing again,
Tell me one more time just with your eyes
That it’s not the end, it’s just the beginning, of the rest of our lives

So long, farewell I wish you well and I hope you can see
That just when I’d forgotten love, you found your way to me
I’ll always come back to you, whenever I’m set free
As long as you’ll be there my dear, waiting just for me
As long as you’re there waiting for me, where ever you will be
Track Name: Rushing By
Rushing By

I’ve been walking these streets alone
Running circles round this old tourist town
I’ve been flashing my lens at all the monuments, I’ve been wandering around
I’ve learnt some history of what’s been before
Trying to make sense of this world
but I think I’m gonna have to, search a little more
I see bigwigs in suits, neon lights and adverts, excess and greed
While my brothers are lying, begging in the streets
Knealing as they plead

People keep rushing by
I keep on wondering why
So I’ll just hold my head up high
Look at the city lights

Sometimes I take walks in cemeteries
And I wonder about the lives that used to be
Or I people watch in airports, for hours at a time
I wonder what they’re all doing, with their lives
Tic-toc says the clock and we rush around
It’s gonna huff and puff until we buckle, It’s gonna knock us down
So we’ll make our lists, tick them off and write them again
Just to feed our appetites, we’ll be working for the man
We’re puzzle pieces forming the picture of the system
Jumping through their hoops, just to tie up our loose ends

Traffic choked, puffing smoke cars roll by
If I squint my eyes they look like fireflies
With all the puffing smoke, I cough and choke
Gotta go, gotta leave, gotta get out of this town

I don’t like the unrealistic representations of beauty
That we’re fed from the media
I don’t like the lies and manipulated realities
That we read on Wikipedia
But I like the perspective that I get when I view
My life and city from high in the clouds
When we’re removed from familiarity is when we learn
What we really need around
I’m gonna spring clean my soul, declutter my mind
Reprioritize the things that I value in life
Cause I’m searching for honesty, for beauty and truth
Transparency and love, it’s what we gotta do
Track Name: One Day At A Time
Fifteen days until again I see your face
And in the nighttime this absence, is keeping me awake
You’re ingrained in my brain, you’re driving me insane
I’m thinking about you every thought, every minute, every day
Every day

We’ll anticipate the days when we won’t have to wait
When there’s no more goodbyes, when we’re together to stay
When vivid colour shines through on to the palette of our lives
As our souls collide, we’ll take it one day, one day at a time

When we can tell all of the world, to go and disappear
When we can grow old together through all of the years
When all fears subside, this real love it will reign
As time rolls on, only happiness remains
When our dreams actualize, and our hopes materialize
When the pieces of this puzzle, they fall into line

When two become one and that chain won’t come undone
As the world it just keeps spinning, on around the sun
When words can’t do it justice, we’ll just curl up together
When our eyes speak the truth of now and forever

I keep waking in the night - these thoughts are ruling me
I’m trying to tell between the fantasy and what’s my reality
I hear your voice soothing me down the phone line
Saying my girl be strong be patient, be mine
Can’t you see, can’t you see, it’s only a matter of time?
Track Name: Ode to Life
You take the high road and I’ll take the low road
And I’ll be in Scotland afore yee
For me and my true love, will never meet again
By the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond

I was driving through Scottish country-side
Watching rolling hills as they passed me by
Through my window I could see
All the patterns on the leaves
On the branches on the trees
Such a vivid green
I was playing that cd
With the happy melody
With tales of being free
And it spoke to me

By the Bonnie Bonnie banks of the Loch Lomond – it all made sense
I’d been chasing these dreams round me like a tail – I’d been sitting on the fence
You can take the high road - I’ll be fine with the low
And I’ll get there when I get there – smiling as I go

And the man who I sat with was working nine till five
He dreamed of adventure in his busy life
He said… “Working’s not much fun, but the money’s alright
I’d love a holiday, but they’ve all run dry…”
He had a nice car and a house and a loan
But was short on time to enjoy the seeds he’d sown
Across the water, we were skimming stones
As the ripples they spread, I could feel it in my bones

I met some travellers with no fixed address
They were singing for their supper in their Sunday best
They were prosperous in stories, with a wealth of memories
Abundant with songs, they were happy and free

They said now follow your heart, follow your feet
Follow the journey, wherever it may lead
Now I’m finding my voice and finding my feet
Learning how to love and learning how to breathe

Let’s invest in happiness and the economy of love
And love thy neighbor – no matter what they’ve done
Stop measuring against other people’s success
Wear your own shoes – they’re the ones that fit best
Make the most of what you’ve got – don’t go and change
Stop planning for the future – let’s live for today

I will live to learn and I’ll learn to live
Not live to earn – and what I’ve got, I’ll give
Never tell a lie – well a couldn’t if I tried
Never be dull – live a colourful life
I will measure success in the smile on your face
Not your law degree, or your GPA
I will measure success in the sparkle in your eye
Not the clothes you wear or the car you drive
Track Name: Bring It Back
Bring it back to the stream, back to the creek
Back to the smiles on the faces of the people that you meet
Bring it back to nature, back to the earth, back to my bare feet on the red dirt
Bring it back to the fire, back to the water
Back to the sons and back to the daughters
Back to the ocean, back to the sea, back to the waves and back to the breeze
Back to the birds and back to the bees back to the trees and back to the leaves
Back to the culture back to the land, back to elders back to friends
Bring it back to the cheese and back to the wine
Back to the music, back to the good times

Bring it back to the heart, back to the mind, back to the soul, back to mankind
Back to the giving, back to the sharing, back to the loving, back to the caring

Back from industry, back from greed, back to consuming what we really need
Back from corporations with their tunnel vision eyes
Back from their adverts and back from their lies
Back from the mining and the raping of the land
Let’s live like nomads, get back to your clan

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